Unique Cabochons, Jewellery and Artwork
Jamgems is a partnership between Jason & Mandy (JAM).

Slabs and rough stone are sourced from around the world and then cut and polished in our own workshops to create unique and one-off designs. We hope that our customers will appreciate the quality and time taken in producing our cabochons and finished jewellery.

The cutting and polishing of cabochons involves several stages. It starts with the initial forming of the rough shape on trimming saws before progressing through at least six separate grinding and polishing stages. Some stones can take several hours work to create the finished piece.

We are very flexible and will always try to accommodate any specific requests, such as the drilling of stones, colour of necklace cord etc, so please feel free to contact us if you have a specific requirement.

Nothing we sell is treated, dyed or manipulated in any way other than being cut, trimmed, ground and polished by us to a high standard and we guarantee that non of our products are man made and all come from respected and ethical suppliers of natural minerals, fossils and gemstones.