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Ruby in Fuchsite Triangle Cabochon
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  • Shape: Triangle
  • Length: 31mm
  • Width: 25mm
  • Depth: 7mm
  • Weight: 41.25 Carats

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Stunning Ruby in Fuchsite Triangle Cabochon with deep purple Ruby 'eyes' and a highly polished low dome top. Great as a necklace and would work in any orientation.

The cabochon you receive will be the exact product pictured - every item is unique and truly one-off.

Ruby in Fuchsite is a beautiful combination of natural red Ruby crystals and light to medium green Fuchsite which is a green variety of Muscovite Mica and it's green colour comes from the Chromium within.

The cabochon comes as pictured but can be predrilled if required or drilled and mounted on a cord necklace. See the product options above for the available choices.

If you have any other special requirements or are looking for a size/shape not listed, please contact us and we will always try to accommodate.

  • Code - JG042-T1
  • Shape Triangle
    Length 31mm
    Width 25mm
    Depth 7mm
    Weight 41.25 Carats
    Mohs Scale 4.00
    Dome Low
    Care Warm soapy water (no chemicals).


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